The City of Riverdale provides trash and yard waste collection, recycling, and snow removal. For complete information on garbage, household hazardous materials, recycling and yard waste, consult “The Garbage Guide” available from:

Scott Area Solid Waste Management Commission
P.O. Box 563
Buffalo, Iowa 52728

Appliances and Tires
Picked up only on annual cleanup day.

Bulky Waste
Picked up weekly.

Christmas Trees
Picked up every Monday in January.  Please have the tree to the curb by 7A.M.

Clean Up Day
The City has a clean up day each year, generally in the Spring. The actual date is published in the City Council Minutes. Items not ordinarily taken, such as tires, appliances, water heaters, carpet, and some building supplies, will be collected at these times.
No e-waste.

Garbage Collection
By Republic Services on Mondays.  If Monday is a holiday, check Riverdale Calendar for pickup date.  Garbage should be placed in container provided by Republic Services at the foot of the driveway by 7A.M.

Motor Oil
Oil may be taken to the Scott County Landfill, 11555 110th Avenue, Davenport, Iowa, for recycling during their regular hours, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Notary Public
The City Clerk is a notary public. The Clerk is available to notarize during office hours.

Recycled Materials
Picked up on Monday by a different truck. Recycle materials are to be placed in the blue recycle bin available to each residence. Rules: Only clean containers are recyclable, when in doubt, throw it out. Labels are okay, but throw the lids away. The recycle box should be placed at the end of the driveway. Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, boxboard, phone books, office paper and mail can be recycled. Papers should be clean and dry. Place paper items inside a brown paper bag and place the bag inside or under your recycling bin.

Snow Removal
The City of Riverdale contracts its snow removal. Residents are required by ordinance to remove cars from the streets if there has been a snow fall of 2 inches or more or if conditions are icy. Vehicles should remain off the street until the snowfall has ceased and the snow plow crews have completed plowing the streets. Snow from driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots should not be deposited on City streets. It is suggested that residents place reflectors at the curb along the front property line to assist the snow plow crews.

City Telephone Directory
A city telephone directory is available to each resident. The directory may be obtained at City Hall.

Yard Waste Pick Up
Begins April 1 and runs until November 30. It is picked up weekly on garbage day, but by another truck. Yard waste should be bagged in paper bags. Place at the foot of the driveway. Branches and twigs should be cut in no more than 4 foot sections and tied in bundles. No bundle should exceed 50 pounds.

Zoning Inspector
Residents are asked to contact the Zoning Inspector regarding any construction projects.