HistoryWelcome to Riverdale Iowa
- Founded 1950 -
(painting of original Town Hall - Shown Below)

In 1912, Iowana Diary Farms was established by Col. G. W. French in what is today the City of Riverdale. French’s herd of Holstein cattle became one of the largest and most outstanding in the United States. After the death of Col. French, Glenn Moore took over part of the operation as Iowana Milk Farm, and G. Decker French operated the other part of the operation as Iowana Holstein Farm. The Aluminum Company of America, (ALCOA), moved to Davenport, Iowa in 1946. By the middle of 1948 the new plant’s construction was finished and the first operation began in 1949 in Riverdale, Iowa.

The City of Riverdale was incorporated December 27, 1950. After a three year incorporation challenge by the City of Bettendorf, the Iowa Supreme Court upheld the incorporation and the City of Riverdale was granted its independence on February 10, 1953.

Today Riverdale is a City of over 400 residents.